The Future of GDAY

This is a pivotal moment for a key organization serving Groton and Dunstable children and teens. You are invited to a meeting on Monday, October 6th to take a fresh look at the Groton Dunstable Alliance for Youth (GDAY) to determine if and how it can continue to address the needs of the community now and for the coming years. This is a transition year for GDAY as the leadership team is stepping down after many years of amazing work. New people are needed to support existing programs like the Safe Homes Pledge, as well as bring new ideas for promoting healthy, positive behavior.

The meeting will take place on

Monday, October 6 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

in the GD Middle School Library in the North Building.

Please RSVP to


"Please Note: The G-DAY pages are currently under transition and any information containing dates and times are for events which have already taken place. Please check back during the 2014-2015 school year for updates."

Welcome to
The Groton-Dunstable Alliance for Youth

What is GDAY?

The Groton Dunstable Alliance for Youth, GDAY, is a community coalition that is made up of parents and youth that partners with public and private school administrators, local law enforcement, town government agencies, and community organizations to bring informative and effective programming concerning youth development to the community. GDAY works to draw upon the wealth of talent among community neighbors, health and education professionals and local business leaders. GDAY is a grass roots effort that has worked to cultivate a strong base within the Groton and Dunstable communities, and is often recognized by similar community and prevention alliances across the country for our success and creativity.

What are we up to?

For more information on these initiatives and events, please go to the Programs page, or click on the following links:

Programs and Initiatives from past years

What is the mission of GDAY:

The mission of GDAY is to reinforce health and respectful behavior among children and teens. We support programming that affects youth from elementary through high school ages. GDAY believes that a healthy community addresses the diverse needs of its youth and reinforces their value to the community.

We believe that by creating community partnerships and programs we can significantly increase healthy decisions by youth and the associated positive outcomes. Through these efforts we will address the diverse needs of all youth and reinforce their value to our communities.

Is GDAY part of the Groton Dunstable Regional School District?

No. Gday is privately funded through community donations and educational grants. Research has substantiated that the Youth Alliance that are most successful are those with strong ties to school districts, local law enforcement and community leaders. It is this "layering" and reinforcement of messages that cultivates synergy in a healthy community. The current steering committee recognizes the importance of these relationships and continues to work closely with the school district through a wide variety of initiatives and relationships.

Does GDAY only work with "troubled" teens and families?

Actually it is quite the opposite. GDAY works with all members of the community, focusing on programming that affects youth from elementary through high school ages. Our work is termed "preventive", in that we work to educate, inform and discuss strategies to promote positive choices. While we do refer families for assistance, our main objective and focus is to work with everyone to reinforce positive strategies in maintaining "good health" and respective behavior.

How can I become a member of GDAY?

GDAY is "managed" by its Steering Committee and welcomes input from all. There is no formal membership required. We hold public meetings and welcome input from community members. If you have comments, suggestions, or if you are interested in participating in our initiatives, contact any steering committee member. We welcome you!